Y'ael Vorster 

Author Name: Yelena Calavera


What kind of future can we create together?

I'm a writer, a poet, a facilitator,  a design thinker and a systems-changer.

I care about deep democracy and stopping dystopia.


My work is about technology transformation through diversity.



DSDM Agile Project Management Practitioner 

PRINCE2® Project Management Practitioner

Process Facilitation

B.Sc. (Hons) Geology cum laude




Transforming organisational Knowledge


Making Technology Accessible

Stories are changing the world. They allow us to internalise the meaning of information, understand how it applies to us, and see a path for creating positive change.


In the era of digital transformation, intentional storytelling is critical for designing a sustainable future and encouraging technologists to think broadly and systemically about how innovation can positively affect life on Earth.

Powerful Organisational Knowledge Management taps into the stories of real people to unearth insights, convey truths, and change behaviour; gathering these stories, distilling their essence, and spreading the word is one of my focus areas.

I work with technical Subject Matter Experts in emerging technologies such as Cloud, AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology, and IT Enterprise Architecture to develop research papers that connect facts (about ethics, sustainability, industry trends, organisational strategy, technological deployment, and ways of working) with the contextual meaning and relevance that people need to make the right decisions. In this, I play the role of mediator between information and knowledge and make deeply technical subject areas accessible to diverse audiences. 

Social & perceptual innovatioN for responsible tech


Diversity and Deep Democracy in Learning Design and Process Facilitation

Henry Ford was one of the world’s great innovators. Perhaps the most famous quote attributed to Ford is this: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”


He was creating something for a world people could not yet imagine. 

Coming ​up with new tech is not where innovation stops - there is another step. We need to aid imagination and dreaming.


If we want to bring about change at a large scale, we need to innovate in how we perceive the world (perceptual innovation) and how we interact with one another (social innovation).


The major social and perceptual innovations needed in tech today involve how we embrace demographic and cognitive diversity to eradicate the biases that lead to an unequal and unsustainable world. With the advent of AI, this has never been more important. Fundamental to this is the practice of Deep Democracy - an approach to life that respects the unique contribution of all members of a group and works with both consensus and dissent, harmony and attack, to arrive at solutions that last. 


Social and perceptual innovation requires creativity and experimentation in designing new mental models that are sticky and allow new thinking and behaviour to become habitual. This is fundamental to my approach to learning design and facilitation. 

Current missions

Tech Transformation through learning and diversity

  • Redefining what leadership in tech looks like in the era of sustainable development by introducing 'consequence scanning' and a focus on environmental and social issues in the technology design process. 

  • Leading a global drive to get more women into senior tech leadership positions that focus on systemic design. 

  • Assisting in a global drive to encourage girls to pursue careers in tech through the design of values-centric and sustainable tech-focused learning sessions. 

  • Working with subject matter experts to formulate a global learning agenda for specific areas of technology and designing learning and facilitation processes to support this.

  • Designing and facilitating a series of 'Accelerating Technology' innovation workshops that encourage divergent, creative problem solving in tech transformation, with a strong focus on diversity and creative autonomy. 

"Dreaming" workshop series

  • Facilitation of various storytelling workshops for personal transformation through active imagination and dreaming.