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Y'ael Vorster

Strategy ∙ Ecological Design ∙ Facilitation ∙ Systems Change

Storytelling can shift perceptions and behaviours, bringing about radical, positive change. 

My mission is to use stories to facilitate nature restoration at a large scale and bring ecological thinking into the way we design our communities, our organisations, our day-to-day lives, and our societies.


"As facilitator, you left me in awe – you’re a complete natural. Striking the perfect balance between letting the creative process flow yet keeping firm hold of the reigns to ensure all the crucial technical components were covered in-depth. You paced it beautifully too, you have a sixth sense when it comes to gauging each of the participants’ level of understanding."

"Can’t think of a single thing about this weekend’s workshop that I would dream of changing. It was perfection and a sheer delight. I’ve attended many workshops (never a writing one though) before but can’t and won’t compare this unique experience to any of the others. It has added an extra dimension to my life and I’m extremely grateful for that."

Tritia du Plessis

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